Let’s go to Hawker Centre in Singapore!

Not only to eat, but also to encounter with the culture in Singapore.
You can find both Hawker Centres and Stalls in this website.

We developed this WAK WAK HAWKER to make a Hawker Centre close to
everyone staying and visiting in Singapore.
We hope everyone comfortably goes to a Hawker Centre with this website.
Let’s find out a Hawker Centre you may want to go and try to dive into the real
culture of Singapore!

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HAWKER, described as Hawker Centre in English, is a facility where various food-stands are gathered.
It is similar to a food court or food center.
Each food-stand in the hawker is called a "Stall."
WAK WAK HAWKER has features that users can search Hawkers or Stalls in Singapore by area or categories, look for them around Tourist attractions where you want to visit or confirm the location with its map.

Keyword Search is available!

You can search for HAWKERs, Stalls, or News by the name of dishes or categories you want and your staying area's name.

Able to Check HAWKER lists!

WAK WAK HAWKER allows the users to view all registered HAWKERs in the lists. Advanced search is possible by the closest landmark, such as Merlion Park or Marina Bay Sands, where you want to visit, the area name, or any facilities like an air conditioner or a restroom.

Easy to find HAWKER locations!

You can confirm your location and each HAWKER on Map Page.


Perfect usage of HAWKER

"How to enjoy" in the HAWKER's detail page provides you some recommended the Stall's menu at each HAWKER, This is definitely! Menus are introduced as well. When you do not know where / what you should order if you arrive at HAWKER, please see here first.

Able to Check Stall lists!

WAK WAK HAWKER allows the users to view all registered Stalls at HAWKERs in the lists. On the HAWKER details page, you can find stall lists per each HAWKER as well as look for stalls by food categories (such as Chicken Rice, Laksa, or Nasi Lemak) what you like across the HAWKERs.

Allow to add reviews and look at them!

You can share your reviews or check some reviews written by other users for each on the detail page of each Stall. It will help when introducing your recommended stalls or deciding which Stall you want to visit.

Find how to enjoy HAWKER!

WAK WAK HAWKER distributes not only information about HAWKERs or Stalls, but also local voice timely.

Although you may have an image HAWKER and Stall are for the local people as everyday use, we would like travelers to use it. You can experience Singapore's food and culture unique to the country. In the articles, we share with you how to enjoy HAWKER and Stall and Food-stands and its menus you should try all the time.

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