Let’s go to Hawker Centre in Singapore!

Not only to eat, but also to encounter with the culture in Singapore.
You can find both Hawker Centres and Stalls in this website.

We developed this WAK WAK HAWKER to make a Hawker Centre close to
everyone staying and visiting in Singapore.
We hope everyone comfortably goes to a Hawker Centre with this website.
Let’s find out a Hawker Centre you may want to go and try to dive into the real
culture of Singapore!

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About Us

The cost-of-living is increasing in Singapore these days so that it gives an image Singapore price is high among travelers.

Meanwhile, what we would like to recommend you is a food center "Hawker Centre."

A lot of Stalls (stores/food-stands) gather at HAWKER, and you can order your favorite dishes at your favorite stalls, and then have various foods together. Furthermore, most of them are affordable and delicious so that it is also popular among local people.

However, it is also a fact that it is tough for travelers because some stalls do not have menu lists, or it is hard to find how to order.

Therefore, we launch "WAK WAK HAWKER" under a concept that anyone can feel free to visit HAWKER and experience to have Singapore's actual taste and culture, not limited to local.

We hope you dive into Singapore culture and find HAWKER and Stalls you want to visit.

Developed by FUTUREK SG

FUTUREK SG is a digital creative company with designers and engineers. Since established on 2016, we have valued “implementation” a lot and joined projects of development of infrastructures, creative installations, and exciting events with digital. We’re keen to create some works by our implementation made in Japan.



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